Surgical Gown

Surgical Overlapping Gown is primarily wear by doctors during operation. This is made of vat dyed green or sky blue casement fabric. Moreover, we also provide the customization facility of this range as per the precise requirements.
Choice of non-woven - providing softness, being light and air-permeable, showing low resistance to water vapor permeability especially designed to allow comfort during long duration surgery.

Surgical-Gown- Non-woven
Type:- Dressings and Care for Materials
Size:- S, M, L, XL
GSM:- 25/40
Color:- Blue, White etc.

1. Light weight
2. Complete body wrap
3. Long functional life
4. Perfect stitching
5. Disposable, for single use only

1. Hospitals
2. Clinics
3. Pharmaceutical Industries
4. Food Inspection