Metal Scrap

1. Aluminium Scrap 6063

Aluminium Scrap

We are engaged in trading and Importing of Aluminum Scraps that is widely used to manufacture various other products by recycling it. Aluminum Scrap that we offer is free from other type of waste materials and adulteration of other metals. We deal in bulk supplying of Aluminum Scrap at reasonable prices.

1. Weather resistance
2. Durable
3. Precise melting point

2. Brass scrap

Brass scrap

Brass Scrap is widely recognized in the field of supplying a Brass Scarps which are renowned for excellent quality and is widely robust. This product is extensively utilized in various processes such as covering car radiators, manufacturing sink drains and fixtures, low pressure plumbing fittings and plating door knobs.

1. High temperature resistant
2. Excellent thermal conductivity
3. Rust proof

3. Stainless Steel Scrap 304/316

Stainless steel scrap 304/316

Stainless Steel Scrap Suitable for small furnaces, these scraps are also used to manufacture various domestic grade and recycled industrial products. The scraps offered by us comply with the established norms and standards of the industry and so for the reason highly appreciated all over.

1. High Resistance
2. Superior Performance
3. Long Lasting