Solid Surface Sheet

:- A Solid surfaces are a composite material based on Advance Polymer technology.

:- They can be described as synthatic marbel with unbelivable and versatile features.

:- A Solid surface make by modified Acrylic resin with aluminum hydroxide and pigment.

:- The Resin Provide bending properties for fabrication.

:- Aluminium hydroxide is used as filler to provide fire retardant, flexibilty, and chemical resistance property.

:- A solid surface can be Thermoformed, rnabling erabling your design perception into a virtual reality with curves, edges, and any conceivable shapes.


Specific Gravity ASTM D792
Elongation at Break ASTM D638
IZOD imapct strength ASTM D256
impact falling ball [500g] ISO 6272
Water Absorpation after 24 Hours ASTM D570
Water Absorpation [Boiling Water] BS EN99
Boiling Water Resistance NEMA LD3
Thermal Expansion ASTM D696
Heat Resistance ASTM D794
Arc Resistance [sec] ASTM D495
Oxygn Index ASTM D2863
Flamibilty ASTM E84
Flame Spread ASTM E84
Smoke Density ASTM E84
Gloss ASTM D523
Colorfastness ASTM D2565
Chemical Resistance ASTM D1308
Stain Resistance ANSI Z124
Wear and Cleanability ANSI Z124
Bacteria and Germ Resistance ASTM G22


Domestic Uses Commercial Uses
Kitchen worktops Hotel vanity units
Bathroom Vanity tops Reception Desk
Shower trays Food Surveys
Shower wall cladding Airport check in desks
Window cills Bank and retail counters
Tabletops Signage